Build a Slide Presentation in Kadence

Build a Slide Presentation

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Kadence Amplify – March 16, 2023
Presented by: Peter Ingersoll
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A Quick Introduction

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  • I make and maintain WordPress websites
  • I use a variety of tools including Kadence
  • In a recent Hartford Meetup, I used WordPress instead of PowerPoint for slides

Why This Presentation

  • I enjoyed a presentation by Rachel Winchester called: Death to Slide Decks: Why Your Next Presentation Needs to be a Webpage
  • I was inspired to apply to Kadence Amplify
  • I hope to give you some ideas on how to use Kadence to start building your presentations in WordPress
Build a Slide Presentation in Kadence

My Goal

I hope to give you some ideas on how (and why) you can approach presentations differently.

Why Use Webpage Presentations

  • More flexibility
  • Easier to collaborate
  • Easier to edit on the fly
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Can display a variety of content
  • Immediately shareable
  • Works well in a variety of environments & devices
  • It’s what we know
  • Demonstrates the power of the tools we use

The Elements of My Approach

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  • All slides are in one post or page
  • Each slide is a row with a vertical height of 100%
  • The title of each slide is H2 heading text
  • The slide content is built with blocks
  • The Table of Contents block is added as a “sticky” sidebar widget to show a list of slides
  • Rows can be copied to add more slides – or use block patterns!
  • The design & styling is up to you!

Demo Time – Link to Build Process

Let’s take a look and start creating.

Moving Forward

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  • Keep using WordPress & Kadence for slide presentations
  • Continue to tweak design for optimal creation process
  • Add footer and keyboard navigation (done, view on recent presentations).
  • Work on fluid typography for greater flexibility
  • Build out slide block patterns
  • Share through Kadence Cloud
Access Key: iQRdkdAtn8OM

Where to Find Me

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